Time for a Rhyme About the Deal that is Real

Ah, holiday season, the time of year where

your plans have been made with the greatest of care.

You’ve wrapped all your gifts, packed all your things;

you’re ready to depart – What glad tidings!

But what’s this? What have you forgotten to do?

Your car’s not been checked, it’s not in tune.

The tires need rotating, the alignment’s all off,

your brakes are squeaking, they aren’t up to snuff.

Don’t fret, don’t pout, don’t even worry.

Just look at Leith’s specials – You won’t be sorry.

We’ll handle all these problems that we have discussed;

you’ll be safe on the road thanks to the name you can trust.

That’s right, at Leith Autopark Kia, we want you to be safe on the road this holiday season, especially when those roads get icy. That’s why we’re offering a Holiday Travel Special on tire rotation, alignment, and balance. We’ve also got great deals on oil changes and brake servicing.

To take advantage of these great offers and more, visit our Service and Parts Specials page, print out the coupon, and bring it with you when you get your car serviced. If you have any questions about our specials, you can leave us a comment, email us at comments@leithmail.com, or contact us at Leith Autopark Kia in Wendell

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