Kia and Adriana Lima Want You to Watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup

This Thursday, the championship of the world’s most beautiful game kicks off. It is a game beloved by a majority of the nations on Earth, and yet to many Americans, soccer does not come close to exciting us. And why should it, when we have football, basketball, and baseball. Even hockey is more heralded in the US than soccer. Kids play soccer growing up, some continue through high school, others go onto play in college, but after that the appreciation falters. MLS exists, but with little fanfare.

As one of the corporate sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Kia wants to change that, just for one month. For help, they’ve called on Adriana Lima, a super model and native daughter of host country Brazil. You’ll probably recognize her if you’ve ever seen a commercial for Maybelline, but these ads aren’t about being pretty. This time it’s a matter of pride.

Watch in this TV spot as Lima rolls up in her Kia Sorento and completely overhauls a man cave.

Remember that this month is about fútbol.

There’s another spot that we’ll post on our Facebook page this Thursday before the games begin. You’re sure to get a kick out of it.

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