Soul EV Earns Top Environmental Certification

There’s a growing demand for electric vehicles as consumers are shown to be increasingly “with it.” Whether the “it” in question is environmental consciousness, a desire to save on fuel costs, or the need for a car that can stealthily leave the home at odd hours is anyone’s best guess, but the industry is taking notice. Harley Davidson has even been testing out an all-electric motor cycle with its fans called Project Livewire.

Soul EV

Photo: Autoblog

We’ve mentioned before that Kia’s answer to this trend is the Soul EV, and the Korean automaker will be pleased to hear that its battery-powered hamster-mobile has just been recognized as the cleanest in its lineup. German technical service group TÜV Nord has bestowed a “whole-life environmental certificate” on the Soul EV. From the start to finish, it is far more eco-friendly than any other Soul, and indeed any other Kia. Compared to the Soul Diesel that is sold in Europe, the Soul EV has a forty percent smaller carbon footprint. In addition to having zero emissions once it’s on the road, the car is also made with particularly green materials that are highly recyclable once the car reaches the end of its life.

Kia has realistic expectations for the Soul EV, only planning to make five thousand per year initially. It currently bears a $39,000 sticker in South Korea, but that doesn’t factor in the government subsidies for when it comes stateside. We still don’t have an official date on when they will be available in the US, but a spokesperson said it should be sometime later this year.

You can read the press release by TÜV Nord on Remember that Kia is already one of the greenest manufacturers based on its other models, which we have a full inventory of at Leith Autopark Kia Feel free to visit us any day of the week.

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