Counter Point: Fewer Lanes Equals Less Traffic

Because North Carolina is widening the southern stretch of I-40 that runs to Cary, we wondered: will adding more lanes reduce traffic? This is important because the population of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area is expected to double in the next 10 years. Many people say that the only way to handle that traffic is to add […]

Need Some New Driving Music? Check Our Top Picks

In prehistoric times when cavemen clamored into the very first automobiles they encountered a vexing question: what should they listen to? Since then the question has become more complex as radio stations, CDs, iPods, and now streaming music services have only multiplied our options. There are so many choices that by the time you’ve figured […]

Providing Meals a Great Way to Give Back to Your Community

During the holidays, many of us are reminded of how much we have. If you would like to make sure that your fellow man has enough, as well, one critical area to look at is food. It’s hard to imagine that many people in 2015 struggle with having enough to eat, but it’s true. Below […]

Can My Car Add Bluetooth Audio for Wireless Phone Calls and Music?

Bluetooth lets you stream audio without wires to your speakers. In cars, this lets you wirelessly connect your phone to your stereo system. You can make and receive calls and play your music and podcasts from your phone, all without connecting a single wire. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth it’s possible to add it. […]

How to Remove Key Scratches from Car Paint, If You Must

You have three options: Take care of it yourself Have a shop take care of it Make peace with it and watch some T.V. These options are listed in descending orders of stress. Option 1 will involve the most work, and unless you’re a patient person who enjoys thorny problems, it will almost certainly cause […]

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