On the Road with the 2015 K900

Photo: Motor Trend

Photo: Motor Trend

You must be excited about the 2015 K900 after we mentioned it a few weeks back. Let’s take that anticipation to the next level. Motor Trend got to drive Kia’s new kingpin recently, and it made quite an impression of them.

Don’t let the debonair design fool you, the 2015 K900 is packing power under its hood. Motor Trend clocked the 5.0-liter V-8 engine propelling the K900 from 0 to 60 in only 5.5 seconds, and then from 0 to 100 in just 13 seconds. This car will take you places, and it will take you there in style. It rides on passive suspension, each wheel supported by a multilink system of shock absorbers and coil springs that iron out the pavement and let you glide down the highway.

Of course it wouldn’t be a full-size luxury sedan without an interior to match the classification. A powered rear sunshade and manual side window blinds are just what you need to get some peace and privacy in the back seat, and with the VIP Package, the rear seats can power recline and massage your passengers’ worries away. There’s no chance for you to be disturbed either. Motor Trend is calling the 2015 K900 the quietest Kia ever. The roar of the V-8 engine will register as a mere purr, and good luck hearing any of the other sounds of the road.

The 2015 K900 is grace redefined. It’s elegance in motion. It’s Kia making a statement that this car can stand up to anything in the segment.

If you want to read more about how the 2015 K900 handles, check out the full write-up on Motor Trend, and if you have questions or just want to tell us how much you’re looking forward to launch, leave a comment, send a message to comments@leithmail.com, or let one of us know at Leith Autopark Kia.

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