The Press is in Love with the All New Kia Sedona

new 2015 Kia Sedona Raleigh Wendell

We don’t talk about the new Sedona enough. In the time since its release, it only had a few weeks to get a foothold before being overshadowed by its trendier cousin, the new Sorento. Crossover SUVs are the “it” car at the moment, while minivans have had an image issue for several years, and we think that’s unfortunate because the Sedona is a truly commendable vehicle. We aren’t alone in thinking so, either.

Car Buzz has asked “Has Kia Made Minivans Cool Again?” in an article questioning the tired styling of the Sedona’s competitors. The story asks why people would go out and buy crossovers when minivans are more spacious and more economical. Ultimately it comes down to fashion, but Kia has made a convincing argument with the Sedona that minivans can still look good. It’s undeniably got the van look, but it looks like a minivan should in 2015, not like the rest that are stuck in the early aughts.

Tom Voelk of the New York Times argues that being a minivan is the Sedona’s greatest strength. “No vehicle makes your life easier than a van,” he says, citing the five hundred cars he’s driven in his career as an automotive columnist for the Times. He too mentions the fashion statement of crossovers, but says “Arriving relaxed and happy never goes out of style.” Much of his review is spent discussing the practical features of the Sedona, including the numerous storage options, the abundant cargo space, and the calm driving dynamics.

Though minivans often have a family focus, this inaugural post to’s long-term review of the Sedona points out that childless couples are the second-biggest minivan demographic. Cargo-carrying capacity is a big sell here, as well as safety, comfort, and a car-like feeling behind the wheel. This review discusses the upscale feeling of the interior and various intelligent features like the powered liftgate and the Smart Welcome. This will be a great series to keep an eye on if you want to know how the Sedona holds up over time.

Lastly, there was also Motor Trend’s “Big Test,” which we covered in an earlier post. Maybe you missed that one, though, in which case you should definitely give it a look. This comprehensive comparison of all five major minivans put each vehicle through its paces. Spoilers: the judges like the 2015 Kia Sedona the best based on overall comfort, quality, and value.

If you haven’t looked into the new Sedona yet, this should give you an idea of what you’ve been missing. We’re not saying minivans are back, but at least one of them is still worth your attention. Call or visit us today at Leith Autopark Kia in Wendell if you would like to learn more about the 2015 Kia Sedona. We would also be happy to arrange a test drive. See you soon.

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