Move Over Jeep, This Jurassic Park Kia Is Taking on Wranglers, Range Rovers, 4Runners, and Subarus, and It Might Just Win

Photo: Car and Driver

Photo: Car and Driver

Take one look at this modified Kia Sorento and it’s clear that you’ve been doing your Sorento wrong.

Not that it’s entirely your fault. We said this Sorento is modified, which means that a company that specializes in turning the run of the mill into the extraordinary spent some time with it.

But still, it should be possible to get a basic Sorento and do something like this at home, right?

Absolutely! Here’s how you’d need to start:

  1. The Paint Job – The brunt of this vehicle’s visual appeal is its Jurassic Park green. Except that it’s not just green. It’s actually a landscape “inspired by the lush forests of the [Pacific Northwest] region,” according to Kia.

While you might not have the resources to something like that right away, consider how awesome this Sorento looks. Sure, you could have yours painted green, but would it look like this?

Perhaps you would be best off with black.

  1. Custom Suspension – Vehicles don’t sit that high off the ground without a little help. In this case we’re talking about struts, shocks, maybe sway bars, and all sorts of other suspension words.

This will not be inexpensive. However, if you’re making a Jurrasic Park Kia, you have to be ready for that. Dinosaurs will not be intimidated by your shade of “Mall White.”

  1. Tires, Captain, Tires – Those pictured look like a stegosaurus in rubberized form. They’re terrific for mud, grime, quicksand, and possibly the surface of Mars, but might be a bit overkill on asphalt.

Although, the state of some roads being what they are, these might not be too unrealistic.

  1. The Snorkel Periscope Thing – Long before periscope was a social network, it was a cool way to pretend you were two feet taller.

We’re assuming that the reason here is that you’ll be kicking up so much mud and/or be partially submerged in water that the standard intakes in the front of the car don’t apply to you.

Putting the intake in the air makes a few percentage points of logic, we suppose. Just watch out for birds.

If you want even more fine details about what makes this Sorento the way it is, check out Car and Driver’s article.

Come to Leith Autopark Kia to get your Sorento and we’ll help you make it cool however we can. Good luck!

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