Kia Unveils KX3 Concept SUV in China

While most other brands are pulling the wraps off of cars in Los Angeles, Kia is halfway around the world at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. What are they doing there? They’re surprising people with this car:

kia raleigh

Photo: Kia

This is the KX3 concept SUV. It’s a B-segment vehicle that looks like the love child of the Soul and the Sorento, though it has its own very distinct look. The notched grille is more subtle here, taking a backseat to the wide, angular headlights in defining the front of the car.

Kia says the car will appeal to “young, passionate consumers who pursue high-quality automobiles and an outdoor lifestyle.” It’s powered by a 1.6-liter turbo gas direct injection engine matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that Kia is “extremely proud of.” Knowing what Kia takes pride in, that no doubt means the car will be as spritely as it is efficient.

The catch is that Kia only intends for this car to be sold in China. We guess the Guangzhou reveal should have been a hint, but we still can’t help but be a bit disappointed. Maybe if enough people see this model and cause a ruckus, Kia will eventually bring it stateside as well.

You can see more pictures of the Kia KX3 on Kia Buzz. For the latest news, you can count on Leith Autopark Kia in the Raleigh area.

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