Kia Turns It Up with Sonic Branding: “The Rise of Surprise”

2015 Kia Sedona front three quarter

Kia has done a lot of work on its image lately. Thanks to the work of many individuals within the company, a brand that may have been unrecognizable a decade ago is instantly recognizable today. We can thank John Schreyer for revitalizing the physical image of Kia’s lineup, introducing the signature tiger-nose grille and sleek body styling for each car in turn. We can thank Kia’s engineers for improving the brand’s global image, turning the Korean automaker into one of the greenest manufacturers in the world. We can even thank expert ad designers and superstar endorsements from Blake Griffin and Laurence Fishburne for making Kia’s social image cool.

The next step in crafting Kia’s identity comes through sonic branding. They call it “The Rise of Surprise.”

From the official Kia website:

“The Rise of Surprise highlights and emphasizes 3 core elements of the Kia brand: Vibrant, Distinctive, and Reliable. A strong kick drum plays an unexpected pattern which displays the Kia brand’s ‘Power to Surprise.’ There is a distinctive 5-note melody. A dynamic rush of air gives the sound signature a sense of driving motion and positions Kia as a forward-thinking brand.”

For Kia, the goal of this new multi-sensory endeavor is to create a sound that you will immediately associate with your car. Beginning with the Soul EV and the 2015 Kia Sedona, every time you start your vehicle, “The Rise of Surprise” will greet you.

There appear to be three versions of the jingle arranged around the core aspects mentioned above. Furthermore, each melody is available as a ringback tone. You can download the ringtone of your choice from Kia’s website, learn more about the composer of “The Rise of Surprise,” and watch an inspirational video. Leith Autopark Kia is excited about this new facet of the Kia brand and would love to discuss it with you. Leave a comment letting us know what your favorite version of the song is.

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