Kia Sedona Wins in Motor Trend’s Big Minivan Test

It is 2015 and all of your minivan memories are from the mid 1990s. That’s when they took suburbia by storm, ousting station wagons for the foreseeable future. While the small crossover has since swept the automotive world in much the same way minivans did, the latter is not irrelevant.

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Kia is well aware that there is still demand for a purpose-built people mover, which is why it released an all-new Sedona last fall. The Sedona is not without competition, though, and Motor Trend knows the best way to suss out the most valiant van is to put them all head to head in The Big Test.

The Sedona was pitted against its four biggest rivals and evaluated in the following categories: Ride and Handling, Performance, Efficiency, Cockpit/Cabin, Safety, Value, and Cost of Ownership. We know you’re all busy people, so we’ll skip to the good part and tell you that the Sedona won the favor of Motor Trend’s judges and placed first in The Big Test. You can read the full article on Motor Trend if you want to see the details of how Kia matched up with the rest, but we’ll just share some quick highlights here.

“Of our five contenders, the Kia Sedona found the most favor with our Big Test judges. ‘Driving this thing is actually a lot of fun,’ digital director Chris Clonts said. ‘This is the car that encourages me to be myself in it, to push it a little bit. If I had my family with me, it would give me confidence that I could be safe in it under any conditions.’ The Sedona’s body was exceptionally well-controlled in both the twisty and rough road portions of our loop, without the shimmies and shakes some of its competitors had.

“The newest van in the segment had the nicest cabin of the bunch, thanks to Nappa leather, real wood, and a segment-best infotainment system. Behind the front seats, the Kia has one of the most comfortable second rows of the group. Though complicated, the second row’s captain’s chairs have leg rests and the ability to both recline and slide fore and aft and side to side, giving the second row the best seats in the house.

“The Kia Sedona might not sport segment-leading fuel economy or cargo volume, but it is hands-down the most stylish, comfortable, and best-driving minivan on the road. The Sedona is a value-rich vehicle that its owners are sure to enjoy, whether they’re schlepping to work or down the coast for another fun-filled family vacation.”

So there you have it. If you want to test-drive a 2015 Kia Sedona, call or visit us at Leith Autopark Kia and we’ll set you up straight away.

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