How Kia Became the Greenest


The automobile industry represents a key area in the constant search for cleaner and more sustainable energy. In a portion of the economy that is at times hopelessly connected to fossil fuels and carbon emissions, even the tiniest steps are important. That’s why Kia was so elated when, along with Hyundai, it was ranked as the greenest automaker in the United States last year by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Kia earned this distinction thanks to the green technologies engineered into its vehicles, which help to reduce carbon and smog-forming emissions. This ranking also comes despite an increase in Kia’s worldwide production and operation.

You might ask yourself how Kia can become bigger and greener at the same time. We can take a look at the production centers in South Korea to understand how this is possible.


First, Kia focuses on cutting down on CO¬2 emissions not only in the cars that it puts on the road, but in the facilities that make those cars in the first place. This multi-pronged approach to green energy allowed the Korean plants to manufacture almost 13,000 additional vehicles while dropping carbon emissions by 4.7%.

Second, Kia encouraged its facilities to reduce their water usage. In a water-scarce nation like South Korea – due to low annual rainfall and high population density – this is particularly important. Kia managed to use 6% less water in 2013 than the previous year, adding to a 30% reduction over the past decade, made possible by upgrading key components of the facilities, enabling increased water recovery and recycling, and encouraging workers to save water on site and at home.

Finally, drastic steps have been taken to overhaul Kia’s waste management in South Korea. 93.3% of waste materials are recycled, and those that cannot be are either buried or incinerated. Only 1% of byproducts from the three Korean factories are sent to a landfill.

To read more about Kia’s efforts to stay sustainable, you can visit the Kia Buzz corporate blog. Leith Autopark Kia is proud to represent a brand that keeps the future in mind. If you want to see one of the green machines in our inventory, feel free to visit us any day of the week.

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