Kia K900 Awarded International Car of the Year

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At last month’s LA Auto Show, Kia was once again honored by Road & Travel Magazine with its prestigious International Car of the Year Award. This year the honors go to the 2015 Kia K900, described as the most emotionally compelling vehicle of the year.

Previously, the Cadenza and Optima were honored, making this the first time in the history of the ICOTY that it has been awarded to the same brand three years running. Courtney Caldwell, Road & Travel Magazine’s editor-in-chief, had this to say:

“Three years in a row for the same brand is a first for Road & Travel Magazine, and it says a lot about Kia’s growth and its continuous introductions of exceptional new vehicles.”

Only one car can win this award in any given year, and nominees are judged not only based on the features and attributes of the car but also the brand’s efforts to connect emotionally with the target audience. Given these criteria, it’s easy to see how the K900 secured the recognition.

Not only is it a lavishly built full-size luxury sedan, it is also a bold and aggressive move by Kia into new territory. The K900 represents a challenge to the staple luxury brands of Germany and Japan, held up as a new definition of premium. Kia’s marketing campaigns with the vehicle are also characteristically unconventional. They’ve called on stars like Laurence Fishburne and LeBron James to open consumers’ eyes and show them the true state of the luxury car market.

We’re proud to represent a brand that is as consistent as it is innovative, as well as one that is recognized the world over. If you want to inquire further about the Kia K900 or any other Kia vehicle we have for sale, feel free to do so on your next visit to Leith Autopark Kia in the Raleigh area.

This story originally appeared on Kia BUZZ.

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