5 Tips for a Road Trip in your Kia

We’re nearing the part of the year where lots of people will be going on road trips, be it for Thanksgiving and family reunions or for winter vacation. It’s important to prepare for these outings well in advance, and to help you do so, Kia has released a list of five tips for a successful road trip. Without further ado…

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1. Going solo or traveling with company?

Here’s one you probably haven’t seen on this kind of list. Not all road trips entail a full car of people. It might be that you live away from where you grew up and are driving home by yourself to see your family. In this case, you need to make sure you’ve got adequate entertainment. Organize your favorite songs and albums from the past year into a playlist and make sure your phone or MP3 player is charged for the trip. Also, make sure you let someone know when you’re leaving Point A and when you plan to arrive at Point B.

You could also be going home with a friend, and in that case you’ll want to plan for who is driving each leg of the trip. Also consider how well you get along with someone before you agree to be in a car with them for a number of hours.

2. Pack light and smart

It’s always best to stick to the essentials when you’re traveling. That includes your luggage, but also things like a car charger for your phone and an emergency repair kit. While many cars have built-in GPS now, it’s still a good idea to have a paper copy of your route, either printed from the internet or an old-fashioned road map. By packing smart and light, you’ll be prepared for anything and you’ll save money on gas. Speaking of which…

3. Budget

Estimate how much money you’ll need to spend on gas and food beforehand, but also take into account things like parking, tolls, and other expenses. Packing a meal for the road is a great way to save some cash.

4. Conserve fuel

It’s never a good idea to drive aggressively, especially on a long distance trip. Hasty accelerations and harsh braking will consume extra fuel. Also make sure your route is as direct as possible. The scenic route can cost you extra.

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5. Stop in for a pre-trip checkup

Before you leave, you’ll want to get your car looked at well in advance so you don’t end up stranded on the road. Have your fluids topped off, your tires inspected, your wipers changed, your battery tested, and your hoses and belts looked over. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to bring your vehicle to our service department at Leith Autopark Kia. Check the Service and Parts Specials page on our website and find a coupon that will save you extra during your visit.

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6. Drive a Kia

Yes, we’re adding a sixth item to the list because of course you should be driving a Kia when you go on your trip. With all this talk of fuel conservation, we have to remind you that Kia has one of the greenest fleets available. Kias are affordable and come with an industry-leading warranty. One standout in particular, the 2015 Kia Soul was just named the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year, making it the perfect car for your winter road trip.

Hurry out to Leith Autopark Kia in the Raleigh area before your trip so you can service your vehicle and test-drive a Kia.

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